Air Traffic Mania

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**update** medals have been added to the skull air mode, enjoy! **update** this game has been updated to save your progress in regular "Play" mode, so that players may now quit to menu and try other modes without losing their hard earned levels! further, the game has been given mode-specific intro screens for the player's aid for the first time they play a particular mode, after the first time, a player may find the page again in the instructions section. and a graphic has been added to the runway to reduce as much as possible any confusion about which direction to land in. **This game is awaiting a background track from the same guy who made the intro song! Air Traffic Mania is an airport sim that emphasizes skill, luck and explosions! There are four unique game modes: Regular - Six levels of increasing difficulty in which the player must land a specific quota of planes in two minutes to pass the level. This mode features six real world airports! A distinct difficulty curve means that players learn the ropes as they progress and the final levels always pose an exciting challenge. My Airport - In this mode players get the chance to build a futuristic spaceport from the ground up! Players begin with low level structures and progress by building to earn TechPoints and each of the four building sets! Income is generated from landing airplanes and players must manage their cash and defend their airport from the Air Traffic Mania baddies, Skull Air. Victory is acheived by advancing to level 5 and landing a Spaceliner! Skull Air - This mode allows you to take out any frustrations and ill will you may be harboring towards the jerks at Skull Air by asking you to blow as many of them out of the sky as possible while surviving their kamikaze onslaught for three minutes of increasing difficulty. Initially players may only select from 2 of the six aircraft in Air Traffic Mania, however, beating Regular and My Airport modes unlocks two more airplanes each! Time Challenge - Straight up, how many planes can you land in the given time. There are twelve levels of increasing chaos and decreasing time limits. Landings are awarded with a time bonus while crashes incur a time penalty.

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